Tuesday, 2 June 2009

We were watching

Echo journalist Tony Barrett wrote an amusing article at the weekend entitled: “Were we watching Man Utd's thrashing by Barcelona? How could we miss it!” It goes on to say: Barcelona played United the team, not United the reputation and won with ease, just as Liverpool did at Old Trafford”, and “For the first time in recent weeks, the United fans did not sing Are You Watching Merseyside? Funny that because Merseyside was watching” and he suggests “If £6m Brazilian Lucas ever performed as badly in a major game as £18m Brazilian Anderson he would have been hounded all the way back to Brazil.”

The piece also asks a rather interesting question: “Why did the British media not ask Alex Ferguson to congratulate his opposing and victorious manager? Do such forced niceties only apply to Rafa Benitez?”

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