Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Are Johnson kits on sale at the 'Official Store'?

A brilliant piece of investigative work by Kings of the Kop reveals just how close the Johnson deal is to completion. The LFC Official Store has Johnson listed on the replica kits page. The 'personalise' drop down menu reveals all the current squad players and their numbers. It also lists Glen Johnson. No squad number is given, but the simple message 'TBC' is stated next to his name.

The official LFC store has removed the option of adding Glen Johnson's name from it's replica kit page.

20 June '09 UPDATE:
Journalist James Pearce reports this story in today’s Echo. Entitled ‘Don’t put your shirt on it mate!’, the article says: “Liverpool were a bit quick off the mark earlier this week with their online shop including Johnson’s name in the list of players for shirt printing. ‘Johnson TBC’ was one of the options greeting fans looking to buy a new replica top but a few hours later it was removed. Chelsea suffered embarrassment last summer when fans started parading shirts with Robinho on the back before the Brazilian opted to sign for Manchester City instead. What’s that old saying about not counting your chickens?”

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