Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Real Madrid President rules out Alonso move

Transfer Speculation

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has ruled out a move for Xabi Alonso reports Sky Sports News. Speaking to ‘Onda Cero’ and ‘Radio Marca’ Perez stated: "He is a great player but he also plays in a big team and I haven't heard any news that they plan to sell him," said the Madrid president. “It's obvious (Liverpool manager Rafa) Benitez is counting on keeping him. That's normal, he's a good player and it wouldn't be easy to replace him."

Interestingly Perez appears to show respect for the club and towards Benitez with this comment, who generally does not display such politeness when in pursuit of a player. Is it possible The Madrid president see’s a future ‘Real’ manager in Benitez and doesn’t want to endanger any potential contract by upsetting him?

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  1. The Main (Stand) Man11 June 2009 at 11:26

    Think the news regarding Ronaldo should be seen as a positive thing as well this morning, not simply because the moaning, diving, self-interested prick is leaving our shores (and unfortunately you have to admit that this is good for other teams in the Premiership....), but also as it must surely limit the opportunities for Alonso if he did go there as they will have god knows how many midfielders now? Alonso would do well to stay where he's needed and revered.