Sunday, 28 June 2009

Torres urges Benitez to buy Villa, Silva and Mata

Fernando Torres has urged Reds boss Rafa Benitez to sign Spanish team mates David Villa, Juan Manuel Mata and David Silva. Speaking ahead of Spain’s third place play off against South Africa Liverpool’s number nine also spoke about how The Reds need to improve next season.

"The big thing is we must improve at home in the Premier League if we want to win the trophy next season,” said Torres in an interview published in today's Mirror.

"We lost a lot of points at home against teams mid-table and have to improve that because if we can get 10 more points at Anfield I think at the end of the season we can win the Premier League. It was frustrating at times last time but football is difficult against these kind of teams. We need players with quality to try to win these kind of games and I hope Liverpool will bring players like this."

He said: "Listen, English football is very difficult because it's very physical and played at a high tempo. At the minute we have a fantastic team to play against the big teams, we are competitive. But maybe against those kind of teams we are not good enough. We have good players, but maybe we need other players.”

Speaking about what new arrivals Torres would like to see at Anfield next season, the Spanish striker suggested three of his international team mates.

"I hope Liverpool will bring players like Silva, Mata or Villa. Small players with quality - like Manchester United had Tevez or Scholes, players like this.”

"Maybe they can make the difference. It could be a big help for us. These are clever players. Yossi Benayoun plays like these kind of players and I hope we can bring more people like that, so we have different options to play against this kind of team."

He added: "I will recommend those players to Rafa Benitez.”

"It's not my job to bring players in, but I hope Liverpool can get players like this because it would strengthen the squad. If we can get 20 fantastic players instead of 12 it's better. Of course I don't know if we have the money to buy them but I think we are on the way.”

Torres suggested that Liverpool may not have the financial might as the Premierships other big hitters but they have something else: "We don't have the same money as Chelsea or Manchester United but we are ambitious."

He added: "I've one last game with Spain, but then I've almost a month's holiday. After that I'll be back fresh at Liverpool. I'll be ready. I won't be tired. I had injuries last season and we learned about that and we must do more work in the preseason now. I think I'll have 20 to 25 days resting and after that we have 25 more days until the start of the season. So we have time enough to prepare the season and I'm looking forward to it."

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  1. Silva! We realy need him! I hope we get him and villa but i seriously doubt villa would come