Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mascherano's image of unrest is being created by the tabloid press

An interview given by Javier Mascherano to Spanish magazine Don Balón has been quoted by the British press as proof that the player wants to leave Liverpool. Speaking of being linked to Barcelona and Real Madrid the Argentinean Midfielder said:

"It's really flattering. For me it means great recognition because we are talking about big clubs."

This is the headline that a majority of the papers are running, however most of the interview has not been published by the English tabloid press intent on creating an image of unrest. The player goes on to say “it's always good to know that teams like Barça and Madrid are interested in you”. However the player revealed his happiness in playing for the Reds by stating: "I feel comfortable at Liverpool.”

Mascherano also gave praise to his Liverpool coach, Rafael Benítez: "[He is] excellent. He's a perfectionist, working down to the smallest detail that you can imagine. Fortunately he has renewed his contract, meaning his ties to the club continue and this will give more calm to everybody."

Mascherano also speaks of the Reds victory over Real Madrid by saying the Spanish club is in “upheaval” and “the organizational capacity of the British” ensures the Dominance of English clubs in the Champions League. He goes on to say “I also believe that the pace of the Premier is superior to the (Spanish) League.” Mascherano also heaps praise on Liverpool’s “devastating” attacking ability. When asked if Torres is among the best forwards in the world, the midfielder says: “It is very fair. Fernando is a great striker and defenses almost cannot win against him.” Maschrano also talks of his partnership with Xabi Alonso proclaiming the “understanding” between the two players has almost reached “perfection”.

Hardly an image of unrest.

However the view that Mascherano being fed-up at Liverpool is being perpetuated on a daily basis. David Maddock reporting in today's Mirror says “the root of the Argentine's unhappiness at Anfield is the fact that he is paid considerably less than the majority of his team – mates,” and the new arrival of Glen Johnson may also be a contributing factor by proclaiming the defender is on a “massive deal – which will earn the England full-back around £4m a year” and it “could force Liverpool to TREBLE Javier Mascherano’s wages to keep him.” The story says Mascherano “is only on around £25,000 a week - a fraction of the cash Liverpool's top stars Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres command.”

Johnson according to the journalist will be on £4m a year, which approximately works out at £77,000 per week. But Maddock’s numbers for Mascherano do not add up. The Argentinean, who last February signed a four year deal with Liverpool for approximately £18m, according to Maddock is on “around £25,000 a week.” However a quick calculation reveals Mascherano will be on approximately £86,500 a week. Maddock has displayed time and again that his writing ability is not much kop, now he reveals his maths are worse. I’m glad he didn’t choose to be a nuclear physicist.


  1. no player is bigger than lfc if he wants to leave let and get the best price for him, we want 100 per cent players dont want a ronaldo sernario

  2. That’s entirely true woody, however I’m not sure the player has much to do with this whole affair. The speculation appears t be a mostly fictional account based upon whispers between journalists. Unlike Ronaldo, Mascherano has not proclaimed it his ‘dream’ to play for another team. Not one quote from the player himself supports the story that Mascherano is unhappy. Quite the contrary, every quoted interview supports the fact that the player is indeed pleased at Liverpool.