Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Torres says it would be a serious loss if Alonso left

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres believes it would be a serious loss for Liverpool if Xabi Alonso leaves the club for Real Madrid. Speaking about the Madrid’s pursuit of the influential midfielder, Torres says he is unsure how the saga will be resolved.

“It would be a bad piece of work if Xabi left,” said Torres to the Telegraph.

“He plays his cards close to his chest so I don’t know what is going to happen."

“I’d put Xabi’s own wishes ahead of everything else, of course, but he’s got three years left on his contract with us and I’d love it if he stays."

“It would be a serious loss for Liverpool if he left this summer.”

Reds boss Rafael Benitez wants the ongoing saga surrounding Xabi Alonso's future to be resolved and will hold talks with the player when he returns to Merseyside tomorrow following a brief holiday in his native San Sebastian.

Alvaro Arbeloa who has just completed a switch to the Bernabeu, said: “Xabi and I shared a room on tour and explained our situations to Benitez and he made us clear on the club’s standpoint,” reports the Telegraph.

Meanwhile ex Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has not helped the situation by urging his old teammate to join him at Real Madrid.

"I think all of the Spanish players dream about coming and playing for Real Madrid. It would be good for Alonso to play for the best team in the world with the best players. The project we have got here with the new president looks very promising," he told the Telegraph.

"There are something like 30 players, very good players, in the dressing room," Dudek said.

"It is very competitive, because we need to have something like 25 players. We have some good players already, but we need more. I hope that Alonso will come here. I know him very well, we are good friends, but in this world of football you never know what is going to happen. He is a great football player and a very good person also, and my personal point of view is that it would be good if he comes."

“He is Spanish and all the Spanish guys want to play for Real Madrid. This is a dream come true for them and Xabi knows that he's not the only one,” Said Dudek in the Mail.

"I spoke to him (Alonso) just before the holidays. He is a very nice lad and he knows what is the best for him. But he cannot do anything without Benitez."

"So I don't know (what will happen), but he is a good player without question, one of the best midfielders in the world."

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