Friday, 24 July 2009

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard found not guilty of affray

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has been found not guilty of affray. The Reds midfielder had been accused of attacking Marcus McGee, 34, after a row over music in the Lounge Inn in Southport, in the early hours of December 29. Gerrard denied affray and says he was acting in self-defence, believing Mr McGee was about to attack him.

The jury was sent out shortly after 11.25am today to consider their verdict. Judge Henry Globe QC, the Recorder of Liverpool said to the jury before they were left to deliberate "It is of considerable importance to all parties - Marcus McGee, Steven Gerrard and everyone who became involved in the explosion of violence at the Lounge Inn bar in Southport last December. Put aside any football loyalty for impartiality and try the case on the evidence."

The jury needed less then 90 minutes to decide that father of two, Gerrard was not guilty of the charge.

The Reds captain is due to play in a Liverpool XI against Tranmere Rovers tonight.

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