Monday, 20 July 2009

Alonso's Interview with Spanish newspaper 'AS'

An interview that Xabi Alonso has given to Spanish newspaper ‘AS’ has been quoted by various papers in the British press, but it has only part of the interview has been published. Here is the full Q&A that the player gave to a waiting journalist at the airport before flying to join his team mates in Vienna. Its worth pointing out that translations from one language to another can take on various forms and can be re-interpreted in a few different ways.

AS: Have you been able to rest a lot in spite of the interest from Madrid?

Alonso: I try to stay out of it. Obviously I know the interest from Real Madrid. But for the time being I am a Liverpool player and I am just going to Vienna to begin the pre-season.

AS: Will you talk to Benitez in the coming days?

Alonso "I will talk to him, sure, but the first thing to do when I arrive [in Austria] is to greet him," he continued. "But I imagine that in the next few days, there will be time for all that.

AS: Did you ask Rafa by phone to leave Liverpool?

Alonso: “No. There is nothing in particular to talk to Rafa about. It's the clubs who have to negotiate to reach an agreement."

AS: How will that go?

Alonso: “That I cannot say because I am not a fortune teller. I do not know.”

AS: So what do you want to happen?

Alonso: "It is always a great feeling when Madrid want you, especially considering the phase of the career I am in now. But at this point, whether or not that can happen is not up to me. It's a matter that involves three parties.”

AS: One of the parties is you

Alonso: “Yes that is clear.”

AS Anything you would add:

Alonso: “Still not much”

AS: Could you force the issue?

Alonso: I would not support that. I prefer to talk. I think we have to wait and see what happens.

AS: Why did Liverpool reject the 27 million bid submitted by Real Madrid by fax:

Alonso: "I am not the man who can answer these questions. The truth is that I cannot say much, because every little thing can be misinterpreted.”

AS: What do you think of the interest from Madrid?

Alonso: "Madrid's project is certainly impressive. But beyond that, I cannot tell you anything else."

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