Monday, 27 July 2009

Liverpool agree new refinance deal with RBS and Wachovia Bank

Liverpool football clubs joint owners have agreed a new refinance loan with Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia. The details of the new deal which is believed to be for another year, means Tom Hicks and George Gillett repay £60 million of the outstanding loans that will “reduce the debt to £230 million,” reports the Telegraph. £40 million is expected to be repaid this week, with the remaining £20 million due later in the year.

The original loan taken out by the owners in January of last year was for £350 million, however “Sources with knowledge of the deal” say that “figure has already been reduced to £290 million since last summer, and will come down by a further £60 million as a condition of the new deal.”

Club managing director Christian Purslow is understood to have negotiated the loan with the banks, who insisted on the £60 million repayment “as a condition of extending a loan facility.” By paying off £120 million of the outstanding debt, the Americans will reduce their annual interest payments, but it is possible the banks may have demanded a higher rate to extend their line of credit.

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