Friday, 17 July 2009

Ferguson attacks Liverpool over Owen

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has reignited his resentment for Liverpool FC with a premeditated attack on the Anfield clubs youth development system. Ferguson claims the Reds treated Michael Owen “unfairly” by putting the then 18-year-old Owen under unnecessary “strain and intensity” by playing him in high profile matches at too early an age.

Reported in the Star, the Scottish manager said: “We had Ronnie Wallwork and John Curtis playing in that England Under-20 squad in Malaysia in 1997 and when they came back we gave them six weeks off. But Michael went straight into the Liverpool first team then a year later was playing in the World Cup for England.”

“That was unfair to a young player to have that kind of strain and intensity one summer after another.”

“I wouldn’t have done that but he was such a talent that Liverpool needed him in the team and then England needed him in the World Cup.”

Ferguson who needs very little excuse to attack Liverpool has clearly forgotten the age of 18-year-old Wayne Rooney when he joined United. Earlier this year Ferguson accused Reds boss Rafa Benitez of disrespecting Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce with an innocuous hand gesture. The attack, which the Manchester United coach may have interpreted as ‘voodoo’ hand signals, was intended to derail the Reds Premiership campaign was reported in full at ‘LFC Alert’ and can be read here.

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