Friday, 24 July 2009

Gerrard glad to put case behind him and concentrate on his football

Liverpool captain gave a short statement outside Liverpool Crown Court after being found not guilty of affray. He said:

"Can I just say how pleased I am with today’s verdict. I’m glad to put this case behind me and I’m really looking forward to the season ahead and concentrating on my football now. I’d like to say a big thank you to my legal team, to my friends and family and everyone at Liverpool football club for supporting me."

Judge Henry Globe QC told Gerrard:

"The verdict is a credible verdict on the full facts of this case, and you walk away from this court with your reputation intact."

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said that he was delighted with the verdict, who was told of Gerrard's acquittal during a training session in the national stadium of Singapore.

"We are really pleased. He is very important for us and he can now focus just on football,” he told the official web site.

"We are all pleased at the club and over here at the training camp.”

"We have been supporting him all the time and were just waiting for the decision. Now he can concentrate just on football and hopefully play at the same level as last year."

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