Sunday, 12 July 2009

The best form of defence is to ‘attack’ declares Benitez

Rafa Benitez has explained his idea for the coming season stating that he wants the team to be more attack minded. The Reds were the inform team for the last third of last season demolishing opponents with goals. Ever the stickler for detail, Rafa believes this area needs improving.

“We want to improve our power in attack, this is our idea,” said Benitez to the Echo.

“There have been games in the past we have played with three centre backs and two offensive full backs, it depends on the game."

“But normally we play with a line of four in defence because this suits the way we play on both occasions."

“We were talking last season about the draws we had at home and when teams play really deep against you, you need quality in the full back and central defensive positions."

“When we talk about Daniel Agger scoring goals and using the ball well it is because we know these qualities are necessary if you want to turn the draws into wins.”

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