Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Steven Cohen apologises for Hillsborough comments but doesn't retract his claims

American shock jock DJ Steven Cohen has apologised for comments he made last month after he suggested fans were partly responsible for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, say’s today’s Echo. Boy hood Chelsea supporter Cohen, made the comments two days before the 20th anniversary on his radio show, World Soccer Daily, which is broadcast on satellite radio and on the internet. The article goes on to say:

His claims provoked outrage amongst Liverpool supporters both in the UK and USA and advertisers. Four high-profile sponsors have already pulled out and it is understood satellite station Setanta are considering not renewing their contract when it expires.

Cohen finally made that apology this week, more than a month after his comment that people “showing up without tickets, hellbent on getting into somewhere they shouldn’t be going because they don’t have tickets” was the “root cause” of the tragedy.

He said: “My apology is directed at any and all people whose feelings have been hurt and people who have had awful memories and scars re-opened.
“The apology is heartfelt, genuine and sincere.”

He added: “I believe in the freedom of speech, opinion and expression and hold these values and freedoms as being among the most treasured of all freedoms. I recognise that with my position as one of the hosts of a popular radio show, I have a responsibility to my audience and perhaps the radio is not the ideal place to express every opinion and every belief I have if the net result is many people being hurt and upset.”

The full "apology" can be read here:

Clearly this statement is no more then a token gesture intended to preserving his job and gratifying the sponsor’s and advertisers that essentially pay his wage. He has frequently made irresponsible and ill informed remarks regarding the Hillsborough disaster. At no point in his so called apology does this un-educated DJ actually retract his claims. An apology means nothing unless you actually believe in the words you say.

If you would like to complain further, his contact details can be found here:

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