Saturday, 16 May 2009

Play your part. Support the campaign for 'Justice'

Tony Barrett has written a well observed piece on the continued fight for justice for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster in today’s Liverpool Echo. It highlights that there is no shortage of politicians eager to back the Justice campaign. In the current climate of political corruption it’s easy to question the motives of these political figures, but the article goes on to state that opportunity should not be missed. Barrett goes on to say” for the first time since the tragedy there is a genuine chance that public pressure could result in the truth of what happened on April 15, 1989, finally being known. As such, all support should be welcomed because the more people who let the government know that they will not rest until justice is done the more chance there is of it actually happening.”

Following on from Thursday nights Hillsborough memorial game were more then 20,000 supporters chanted “justice for the 96” as Liverpool Legends took on a team of celebrities there is probably no better time to seize the opportunity. Public opinion has drastically changed in 20 years and the ground swell of support is definitely in favour of truth and justice to finally be recognised.

And it is vastly important to add your voice. An online petition calling on the government to further investigate what happened at Hillsborough has been set up and it has already collected nearly 11,000 signatures.

The website address is and it only takes a few seconds to go online and add your name.

Similarly, Liverpool fan Helen Boyle has collected the names of 78,000 people who are willing to join a proposed march for justice on June 20.

By adding your name at you could play your part in turning the demand for justice into a command.

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