Friday, 29 May 2009

Cohen's Hillsborough lies prompts boycott from US based Liverpool fans

The Official Liverpool Website has published a letter by Conor Brennan (Vice President of LFCNY Supporters' Club) and Alastair Cairns (creator of the boycott Steven Cohen web site)called “A special letter from America”. It goes on to reveal the horrible depths to which London-born Chelsea supporter: Steve Cohen, will sink in order to have his hatred of Liverpool FC heard. Cohen, based in the USA appears on two shows: 'Fox Football Fone-In' on Fox Soccer Channel and 'World Soccer Daily', a podcast also broadcast on Sirius/XM satellite radio. The letter goes on to catalogue the numerous incidents in which Cohen has taken the opportunity to peddle his lies to an unknowing American public. He has constantly blamed Liverpool fans for the deaths at Hillsborough for which he has been forced to apologise numerous times, however he has never once retracted his statements. The letter should be read in full by every Liverpool supporter, but here is a small excerpt:

“There was widespread shock as to the depths Cohen had plumbed in his show on February 22, 2009 where, incensed by fans' desire to change the Champions League game that coincided with the 20th Hillsborough Memorial, he mocked Liverpool 'milking' the Hillsborough tragedy. Cohen went on to say: "They are not the victims [of Hillsborough], they are the perpetrators... they are the most despicable people." Cohen told his audience that the Hillsborough Justice Campaign 'couldn't be more corrupt or blatantly ridiculous' and finally remarked that these Liverpool fans were 'the scum of the earth'. Cohen was forced to issue yet another one of his infamous apologies, or as he put it 'putting this crap to bed'. Much like the apology three years ago, there was no mention of the 96 dead, their families, or Hillsborough, nor was there any retraction of his unsubstantiated lies about the cause of the disaster. In fact, within the week he reiterated a somewhat more muted: "I still think there's shared responsibility." Immediately following his 'apology', Cohen spoke about the campaign against him. Liverpool fans were denounced as 'thugs', 'terrorists' and 'worse than the Taliban'.”

The “Boycott Steven Cohen web site” contains a list ways to help get Cohen off the air, and can be fund here:

It urges people to “remain respectful and dignified” in any correspondence to the shows sponsors and associates because “Cohen has already demonstrated his willingness to quote the ugly minority in his attempts to discredit this campaign, and he'd like nothing better than to hear word of any inappropriate correspondence to his sponsors.”

The full letter can be read here:

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