Monday, 11 May 2009

Mascherano pledges his future to Reds

Javier Mascherano has pledged his future to Liverpool FC following weeks of press speculation. The Argentina captain in an exclusive interview with the official web site insists he wants to help Liverpool lift the Premier League title. "My future is here," said the 24-year-old. "I am here and I will continue to give 100 per cent. It will always be like this. I think we have taken a big step this season, a really big step. In the past three or four seasons Liverpool have lost the league maybe in December or January but this time we are there right at the very end of the season and we still have a chance. This is very important. Our job now is to continue to work hard and to improve because we have shown that we can win against the biggest teams." Speaking about swatting aside The Hammers at the weekend the midfielder said "It was a good result against West Ham and a good performance. It took us to the top of the table until United played. We know that we still have a chance so we will be supporting the teams who play against United, but the main thing is that we are doing our own job. This has been a fantastic season for Liverpool and we are on target to get more points than we have ever had in the Premier League."

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