Wednesday, 13 May 2009

David Silva rumours re-emerge

Transfer speculation

Today’s press have been loaded with speculation that Rafa Benitez has bid for Valencia’s David Silva, with a reported £15 million ‘take it or leave it’ offer tabled for the player. Today’s Telegraph says:

"Benitez spoke with representatives of his former employers in January about Silva’s availability and it is believed a fee in the region of £15 million was provisionally agreed before one Valencia director went public about the deal in an attempt to smoke out interest from Chelsea, Inter Milan and Barcelona. The Liverpool manager immediately withdrew his offer, privately admitting the Anfield side cannot compete financially with Europe’s footballing gentry, and has since insisted in public that he is examining other targets."

Benitez explained the situation to Spanish journalist Guillem Balague last month:

Benitez: "We were in Valencia - our chief scout, Eduardo, was in Valencia, he is from Valencia, and he was talking with different people from the club - and someone was talking too much. So, at this moment, Silva is not a target. He is a good player, but not our target. So, we are, at this moment, just concentrating on the players that we have. And if we are going to look for someone we will not announce it to the press; we will try to do it properly and secretly."

Guillem: "I suppose Valencia were trying to up the value..."

Benitez: "No it was not the club, it was one person at the club who was talking too much."

Guillem: "But it is a club that needs money so I am wondering if..."

Benitez: "No, no, we have a very good relationship with Valencia: with the board, with the people in charge. It was just one person who was talking too much. Things have to be done in the right way and now you know we are not thinking about Silva."

Speculation has however not died down and it is now believed that Benitez will return once more for the Spanish international, who has a close relationship with Benitez’s chief scout, Eduardo Macia. The deal is believed to be dependent on Valencia not dragging Liverpool into an auction for the 23 year old.

The Spanish side is in financial crisis and is believed to be in debt to the tune of £350 million, and are in discussions with a number of banks over an immediate cash injection of £80 million to stave off the threat of administration.

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