Thursday, 7 May 2009

Drogba's disgrace hypocrisy

As the pantomime unravelled after the final whistle of the Champions League semi final between Chelsea and Barcelona last night, I could only laugh at the irony. Didier Drogba's hypocrisy was glaringly evident when he called referee Tom Henning Ovrebo a "fucking disgrace". It was hard to sympathise with a man that hurls himself around the pitch with all the expertise of a circus acrobat. Many Liverpool fans are obviously privy to the kind of antics that Drogba repeatedly gets away with. His conduct during the second leg of our own Champions League quarter final tie with the London club a couple of weeks ago, was continually marred by his constant unsporting behaviour. In particular the collision that left Drogba rolling around the edge of the pitch, clutching his face, overacting his part like some terrible opera singer. Realising that he was outside of the boundaries of the area of play, Drogba rolled back onto the pitch in order to stop the match. It was a clear case of feigning injury and time wasting, designed to stop any momentum Liverpool may be gathering in the game. The game was stopped, Drogba was treated and when the match resumed he was galloping round the pitch with all the speed of a gazelle, clearly highlighting that there was nothing wrong with him in the first place. When a player consistently acts in such an unsporting manner complains when he is wronged himself, he will usually find the public taking great enjoyment in his misery.

Just one more point. Was the ‘hand crossing' gesture (presumably signalling 'game-over') Drogba gave to the camera whilst shouting “fucking” on live television, a sign of disrespect? I'm expecting 'The Crusader of Injustice'™: Fergie, to mention this arrogant, contemptible 'hand waving' in his next press conference.

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