Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'The Main (Stand) Man' Speaks!: harmony behind the scenes

Regular contributor 'The Main (Stand) Man' has been giving us his daily run down of the positives from the Pre-Season, that can be taken into the new Premiership campaign. Today he turns his knowledgeable attention towards...

Returning harmony behind the scenes:
If we look back at the situation this time last year, the Xabi Alonso situation this summer and its potential detrimental impact on the morale of the squad pales into insignificance compared to the in-fighting and squabbles that plagued the club through the Gareth Barry saga and the subsequent reports surrounding the eventual signing of Robbie Keane. It was clear that Benitez was at odds with the one person who should have been his most trusted ally, Rick Parry, whose contributions in the transfer market have been widely reported as surpassing his authority. Whether this is true or not (and it is unlikely that many people will ever know all the goings-on during his tenure), his departure from the club at the end of last season was greeted with smiles from most Liverpool supporters. In addition, it seems that our American owners may finally have realised that Liverpool fans will not tolerate our dirty linen being aired in public. The policy has always been that any problems within the club remain there, without the ‘outside world’ getting wind of the internal machinations of the organisation and any issues that exist. The owners have been silent for some months now, and while it is possible that this is an attempt to stave off further criticism from fans groups as to their financial management of the club, it is possible that they are finally beginning to understand the unique nature of this club of ours. I think as we head into the new season, I will choose to interpret the silence in this way.

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