Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dossena Napoli move at a standstill

Liverpool defender Andrea Dossena has repeatedly been linked with a move away from the club, with Italy believed to be his desired destination. A deal with Napoli was reported to be almost complete, but has believed to have stalled because of the players wage demands. Last week, the Italian international had claimed he was "waiting for a better contract offer." But the player's agent Federico Pastorello, now says the deal may have fallen through.

"With the directors of Napoli I have not had contact for ten days, it is logical to think that when we have not spoken for so long, the negotiations is defined as over," he told Italian football site Pianeta Azzurro.

"When you want a player, certain steps have to be taken that have not been made here. Obviously, they have a different objective or have decided to forgo the purchase of an outside left [defender]."
"We had spoken to the Rossoneri a long time ago, but they have not shown any interest in the player."

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