Thursday, 20 August 2009

Benitez quit rumours. Don't bet on it!

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has endured a torrid time at the hands of the press this week and last night he endured more unwanted speculation manufactured by bookmakers in search of a story. Rumours circulated throughout the afternoon and early build up to last nights match, was to be Benitez's last following what some papers described as a 'bust up over transfer cash' with either the American owners, managing director Christian Purslow, or both parties.

One betting shop "suspended betting and issued a few provocative statements," reports the Times, however this was clearly an attempt by the bookmaker to make a few headlines and gaining some free publicity to boot. Their appears to be more of this type of manufactured story appearing in the media. Remember the rumours that Franck Ribery was about to join the Reds? This story made the headlines after a mere £200 worth of bets were placed in one betting shop within an hour.
Last night following the match Rafael Benitez when asked about the rumours replied:

“I was told about the rumours, that maybe something happened here at Anfield, but I will tell the fans I want to stay - my commitment is 100 per cent,” reports the Mirror.

“If I can improve the squad I will be pleased, but if I can’t then I will stay to try and compete with the squad that we have.

“I can state I am committed to this club. When I signed a new contract I decided to stay here for the fans, for the staff for the players. We will try to get what we can, we will try to do what we can."

"I was at Melwood when someone told me about the rumours. It can happen here sometimes," adds the Gaurdian.

The club's managing director, Christian Purslow, dismissed the speculation stating: "It's 1,000% rubbish," he said. "I've only just had dinner with him today and the fact I hadn't heard the rumours should tell you everything."

Incredibly some newspapers have partially printed the quotes in a blatant attempt to continue the unrest and speculation surrounding the managers future. here's how the Independent reported it:

"Benitez tacitly confirmed afterwards that he had felt the pressure of a disappointing start and a modest transfer budget, suggesting that he had "decided to stay" out of loyalty to "the fans, staff and players". He added that his "commitment" was "100 per cent."

Incredible how cutting and pasting a quote together makes it sound altogether different isn't it? Know doubt the press who are intent with causing mischief at every turn will persist in their ruthless quest for readers and their will be many more headlines like this in the coming months.

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