Thursday, 13 August 2009

Aquilani's first LFC interview!

New signing Alberto Aquilan has given his firs interview since joining the Reds and has revealed ex Kop star John Arne Riise helped him decide to join the Anfield outfit:

"Obviously I am a friend of Riise's and he's spoken a lot about Liverpool to me," he said to the official site.

"I've spoken to him about the Kop and the great fans and I can't wait to start.

"I have never played at Anfield but I have heard a lot about the unique atmosphere you breathe there.

"Rafa Benitez was very important in me coming here. Riise spoke very well of him and said he could help me grow as a player.

"I was already aware and appreciated his work even before the opportunity arose to come here. I like the way the team plays and certainly it was a deciding factor.

"I'm very proud Rafa chose me. I also want to thank (chief scout) Eduardo Macia, who was very important."

Aquilai Also revealed that he cant wait to play alongside Torres and Gerrard, whom he has called 'the best midfielder in the world'.

"I am very much looking forward to playing with players of that kind," said Aquilani. "It's a team of good players and has been for some years now. I have always liked the system of play here and the players. Even before coming here I thought Gerrard was the strongest midfielder in the world.

"I am very proud that I will be playing alongside him and I hope I can learn from him." Aquilani says he's confident he can put his injury worries behind him and cant wait to test his skills in the Premier League.

"When I came here I knew about the problem with my ankle," he said. "I was seen by doctors and the doctor here has highlighted exactly the problem I have and said it can be fixed. He has a very good picture of the injury.

"I am here for the long term and I'm hopeful the problem will be cured for good. "Obviously I want to get playing as soon as possible and I don't think that will be a problem. Obviously it's a different type of league to Italy but I don't think that will be a problem either.

"I think the Premier League is the most difficult. It's one of the best leagues and there are some very important teams here. It's a very difficult level but I'm very excited to be playing here.

"We're definitely one of the candidates to win the Premier League.

"It's a shame I can't play straight away but I am putting my all into getting better and I can't wait." Aquilani's arrival followed the departure to Real Madrid of Xabi Alonso. Though keen to highlight his different characteristics, the 25-year-old does hope to have a similar impact at Anfield as his Spanish counterpart.

"I hope I am going to play an important role," he said. "The manager obviously knows my characteristics and strong points and I hope to be able to fulfil all the hope he has in me.

"I am the kind of midfielder who moves around a lot. I try to combine quality with movement. I am not a static player - I move around a lot and I think this is one of my strengths.

"Xabi was very important here and I'm not his natural substitute. I don't have the exact same characteristics he has. He was very important here and I hope I can be similarly important."

Meanwhile, Aquilani also revealed his knowledge of the Reds stems from the 1984 European cup final against his previous club AS Roma.

"Everyone knows a lot about the history of Liverpool. It's world famous and not just because they have won five European Cups. I grew up in Rome and the final with Roma was something I was very much aware of. You can't ignore the huge past this club has.

"I am very pleased. This is an important occasion for me. I'm here at a big club and I'm very happy to be here.

"I say this because Liverpool is among the strongest in the world with very important history." Aquilani also spoke about his decision to leave his boyhood club behind - and his belief that moving to England will boost his chances of making Italy's World Cup squad.

The Italian international also spoke about leaving his boyhood team for the Reds.

"It was a very important decision and a difficult one because I was born and grew up in Rome," he said. "I was and I am a fan of that team, so this is a life choice for me. I think it was a good decision for everyone involved. I am very grateful to Roma for allowing me to play in Serie A and the national team, and for allowing me to come and play for a team like Liverpool.

"I spoke to (national manager) Marcelo Lippi before coming here and he reassured me it definitely wouldn't be a problem. The World Cup is very big for me and I'll do my best to get there, but to do that I have to play well here. It's definitely an advantage for me being here."


  1. welcome !

    hope to be a good signing!

  2. I have to admit I am very excited by the propect of him as a player, disappointed Xabi left, but he has and that's that. Hoping we've called in the AA just in time to win the league!