Friday, 18 September 2009

Torres will overcome the rough treatment

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres who is currently enjoying his third season with the Reds has received as many black eyes since the Premier League began a few short weeks ago. But the Spanish forward dubbed El Niño, believes he can overcome the rough treatment by adapting to the physical nature of the Premiership:

"It happens," he shrugs. "I have to adapt and protect myself because the referees cannot just try to protect three or four players. They have to look after everyone. England is a physical league, but we have to learn and adapt," said Torres in the Telegraph.

"The players here are strong and physical, but they are at least honest, much more so than in other leagues, including Spain. It is maybe not as physical there but people will try and kick you, or use their elbows. That does not happen here. The defenders are always fighting for the ball."

Torres, has at times looked a frustrated figure during the new campaign, as opposing defences target the striker aiming to halt his dangerous runs and Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez recently advised his protégé to overcome the physical treatment by scoring goals.

"I have spoken to Rafa a lot and he has told me to stop talking to referees, because they are just doing their job," he said. "We have watched clips of my first two seasons and I am just trying to do the things I was doing then. Scoring goals is always the best answer.

"If you get frustrated you cannot win the game. For the good of the team, I have to be focused and beat the defenders.

"Every game, not just the matches with the top sides, is very difficult, because the defenders are very strong. I have to learn to live with it. I have to improve every season.

"My first season does not matter now. I want this one to be better than that was. Three goals in five games is not bad, but I want more."

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