Monday, 7 September 2009

Torres says team is ready to rise to the Premiership challenge

Fernando Torres has stated that although Liverpool FC may not have the spending power of other Premiership clubs, the team is ready to rise to the challenge on the pitch. He also says that if the team works hard to improve, trophies will come.

“I think we are close to getting a trophy but it’s very difficult,” Torres said in the Echo.

“In football at the moment unfortunately money is really important.

“Clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City have a lot of money to spend on good players.

“That’s not the way at Liverpool so we have to try to improve.

“If we are going to get the opportunity to win a trophy we have to do things better than ever. We are ready for the challenge.”

Torres admits to loving life in Liverpool, saying its working class roots remind him of his own upbringing:

"The people are so nice and polite here, and have a lot of respect for players when you are away from the pitch,” he said.

“That is one of the main things for me. In Spain it was difficult for me to go to restaurants or just walk in the street with my friends.

“Now I can do these things and go to the park, walk my dogs and go out for dinner.

“It’s a really working class city and I like that because I was born in a working class part of Spain.

“The people work all week and they go to the ground each weekend to enjoy the team. On the Monday they are working hard again just so they can see their team on the weekend.

“It’s really special to see supporters with my name on their shirt.

“I can understand why they would wear a Stevie G or Carra shirt because they are from Liverpool.

“I only came here two years ago as a foreign player but they love me like Stevie or Carra. That’s amazing and I have to say thank you to them for that.”

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