Saturday, 19 September 2009

Benitez demands best from Mascherano

Reds boss Rafa Benitez has demanded the best from Argentinean midfielder Javier Mascherano, following an indifferent start to the season, stating he can win Liverpool games.

"He is a key player for us and will be during the season," said Benitez in the Telegraph.

"He has two more years left on his contract and we would like to keep him," he added. "If we need to talk to him, we will, but he has enough time and he has to play to the level he was before and we will be pleased with him.

"It was difficult for him at West Ham and I remember when I met him he was a little bit low, but as soon as he saw the possibility of coming here he was really pleased. Since then, since his first day, his commitment has been really good.

"Javier has been good for the club and we have been good for him. Thanks to Liverpool he is captain of Argentina, and we have to have the best from him if we want to win more games."

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