Thursday, 1 October 2009

Gerrard says Reds need to react against Fiorentina defeat

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard says the Reds need to bounce back quickly in order to get over their Fiorentina defeat in the Champions League on Tuesday and there's no better place to start then against Chelsea this Sunday.

"We need to get the defeat in Florence out of our system quickly, because we have a massive game now at Chelsea on Sunday," said Gerrard in the Independent.

"We were disappointed to lose in Florence, we were second best all over the pitch and deserved to go in at the break losing."

"The reaction was better in the second half and we created some chances, but we just could not get into the game. We did not do what we usually do away from home in Europe.

"We normally play at a high tempo and pass the ball really well, and play well on the counter-attack. But all over the pitch we just did not turn up. But this group is still wide open, there's plenty of football to be played and we are now in the same position as Fiorentina with a win and a defeat, and they still have to face us at Anfield.

"If we win our next home game [against Lyons], things will be different. If we win our home games now that should be enough, we'll be fine.

"What we need is to produce a reaction from this defeat at Stamford Bridge, that has to be the aim now.

"But we need to get this defeat out of our system quickly, because we have a massive game now at Chelsea.

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