Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hillsborough Police cover up

In a revelation that will shock few Liverpool supporters, masses of original statements written by South Yorkshire Police in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster were altered and erased, claims yesterday’s Echo. The article goes on to detail huge amounts of alterations including:

A chronic lack of communication between officers.

Nobody tending to the injured.

Useless radios and incoherent transmissions.

Non-existent stewarding.

Lack of use of the public address system.

The lack of police officers on duty, 10%fewer than the previous semi-final involving Liverpool at Hillsborough.

Senior officers concerned about a growing “complacent” attitude towards policing at Hillsborough in years leading up to 1989.

Officers stationed in the wrong sections of the ground and its surrounding area.

The lack of faith officers had in the recently-installed Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield compared with his predecessor Chief Superintendent Brian Mole.

WIPED . . . . . . A statement made by PS Kennedy, who had stated: “Several senior officers were, I’m afraid, lacking in directing the officers there, towards useful purposes.

“My thought on the incident, professionally, are that many officers and above, had no idea of what to do.

“Many were unable to work without being told exactly where to go and what to do, without personal radios, directions were limited.

“Many constables were too concerned about finding their serials {squads}, than trying to help the situation.

“...I had no fears other than the officers feeling let down by higher ranking officers.”

WIPED . . . PC Bennett, who had said: “Although it was basically poorly organised, I felt that officers should have been at the turnstile entrance ways in more strength and caused the crowd to form queues prior to getting near the turnstiles.

“No senior officers at this stage appeared to be in command of the situation and what was happening was several officers of Inspector level pushed amongst the crowd shouting at officers to move the supporters first this way then that way.

“I feel that no one knew what was actually taking place.”

The full shocking article needs to be viewed in its entirety, and can only strengthen the case for a full disclosure of documents and public enquiry.

A petition asking the Prime Minister to open an enquiry can be found here, and should be signed by all Liverpool supporters.

A harrowing article by Mirror columnist Brian Reade who was at Hillsborough that day is also essential reading.


  1. As you say mate, its of no surprise. What we've all known for so many years may finally be about to come into the public domain and vindicate every single Liverpool fan who has been tarnished by the lies and propaganda of the police and the media (not just the Sun but also people such as Stephen Cohen preaching unfounded rhetoric in the US to people who may take his word as gospel -

    Whilst it doesn't surprise that the police have extended their cover up to statements of the police officers on the ground, at least there is hope at last for some justice.

  2. Indeed Stu. There does appear to be momentum gathering with the campaign. Hopefully full disclosure will emerge soon with a public enquiry not far behind and maybe justice can be served