Friday, 24 April 2009

'Big' Sam shrinks to new depths

In the story that won’t die, Sam Allardyce clearly still annoyed over the 4 nil drumming Liverpool dished out to his Blackburn Rovers, has continued his war of words with LFC. Commenting on the innocent hand gestures that clearly hide Allardyce’s loathing for Benitez, ‘big’ Sam stated that “there was no need for Sammy to get involved. It wasn't a situation I was going to get him involved in. It was a situation that was between me and Rafa Benitez. If anyone should have spoken, it should have been Rafa Benitez and not Sammy Lee."

Clearly the irony of this statement has completely been lost on Allardyce, when he employed the services of Fergie to fight his fight for him last week. ‘Big’ Sam appears to be shrinking in importance with each passing day.

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